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Things that we have done recently

The Anchor Trail

Picture of Anchor Back at the end of October 2014, The Anchor Trail, alongside the canal in Ulverston, displayed decorated anchors from many local sources such as schools, businesses and organisations. The was our effort which we think was rather good so we have added it here to our history pages as it seemed such a shame to let it fade into history!

The Easter Monday Pasche Egg Play

Pasche Egg Play Easter Monday was a beautiful, warm day which made our Pasche Egg Play tour a treat for us, and hopefully for our audiences who saw us at the six venues where we performed it. Even the first performance at Baycliff was warm and sunny and that remained the same for the whole day. If you want to see some of the photos taken during the day, you can view them on the Pictures page.

Furness Morris danced a mile!

Furness Morris danced for a mile at the Sport Relief event in Barrow Park on Sunday 23rd March at 11.15.

See photographs on our Pictures page.

Thanks to everyone who watched us and donated to Sport Relief.

The Furness dancers followed in the footsteps of an actor and dancer in Shakespeare’s time, William Kempe, who in 1600 famously danced from London to Norwich - a distance of over 100 miles!

It took him nine days, spread over several weeks, often amid cheering crowds.

Furness Morris will be performing at Easter with their mummers play (the Pache Egg play) based on original plays performed years ago in many Furness villages, and will be dancing during the summer at various venues throughout the area. For details, you can also see our Facebook page.

PS. Further background information about William Kempe can be found by clicking here.

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